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Сars, motorbikes, pets, etc. which have a GPS device for tracking their movement (tracker) can be units. The device transmits data about the location, movement direction, speed, etc. Besides, you can use a special application installed on your smartphone as a tracker. 

Each created unit has a unit card with its name and icon (1).

In the unit card you can find:

1. Unit's current status (2): you can get more info if you click on it;

2. Unit Menu (3): to access to the Track, Events, Trips, Location, Tools, Settings;

3. Buttons for quick access:

  • "Show detailed status" button (4): another way to open unit's current status;
  • "Follow unit on map" button (5);
  • "Security Mode" Button (6);

You turn on "Security Mode" when you leave the car and turn it off when you return. When "Security Mode" is on, you will receive a notification if your unit has moved approximately 100 meters from the last known location when you you turned on "Security Mode".

  • "Show track" button (7): to quickly jump to unit tracks;
  • "Open location menu" button (8): to quickly jump to Location menu to share unit's location;
  • "Sort buttons" button (9): to quickly jump to quick buttons settings;
  • buttons for different commands: the presence and number of buttons to send commands depends on the device type.

4. Unit's current address (10);

5. Unit's moving status (trip or parking) (11);

6. Unit's telemetry data (12);

On the unit card, you can display some parameters that your device sends. They can be selected in the Unit menu - Settings - View. Also here you can select and sort buttons for quick access.